Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I swear it was this big!

When an artist releases a creation they are giving the world, or maybe just the few that see it, the license to interpret the work. The viewers can now give their own voice to it. I know this is not news and we do it all the time, we even pay people to do it for us. I wonder how long ago it was that the first person did this. I find myself doing to my own work (I know its my work I should be giving it meaning) especially with images of animals. Take this image above or the Egrets I took here in San Diego, how many different comments can you come up with about this scene? For me the obvious is “I swear the fish was this big” or “Walk this way.” I even like the idea of the two in the back saying “Oh no it’s a dance off!” Humor is all around us and I hope you found at least one thing to laugh at today.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The shadows of Giants

Recently I spent a day near the Giant Redwoods along the coast of Northern California. Early morning fog is the norm for the coast and can make it a bit tough to create a great photograph. But the dense canopy can transport your imagination into a Grimm's fairy tale. The light at the end of trail just might save you from the lurking beast.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sculptures in the Woods

I just returned from a nice trip to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. I wanted to check in on the fall colors and get one last warm trip in before the cold weather settles in. As usual it was beautiful and my secluded spot was empty. But I brought something different with me this time. Good friend and incredible sculptor Benjamin Lavender lent me two of his pieces to photograph. It wasn’t the first time I’ve taken his work out to photograph but it was the first time I brought his work to the Sierras.