Monday, March 22, 2010


The mood of an image for me is directly related to my own personal mood. While I’m creating photographs I try to allow myself the freedom to create based on my mood much like a painter might do. When I’m shooting for a client I don’t always have that luxury. If they want bright and cheerful and I’m feeling dark and gloomy, I have to find a compromise within and shoot what they. However when I’m shooting for myself mood can also have a direct effect on editing my images and this is why I never throw slides, negatives or digital files away (unless they are just way off technically.) Again my mood plays a crucial roll in deciding which images I like and don’t like. Now just the other day I was doing a little organizing and I came across some images that didn’t make the cut the first time I viewed them. As I looked them over I thought ‘how did I miss these images.’ I knew I had viewed them multiple times and yet missed them up until now. I now realize the first time I was looking for photographs that calmed the power of the ocean. This time around I was feeling energetic so the images that stood out were the ones I found to mirror my current mood and that’s what these images were. I’m glad I forced myself to sit inside on a perfect San Diego day to edit!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Familiar Shapes

Inevitably you will find familiar shapes if you look long enough at the natural world. I did with these macro images of lichen. I couldn’t help but see the Angel that used to sit atop the family Christmas tree when I was a kid; or this dragon that reminded me of the cover of a Bruce Lee movie.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Macro at 1 PM

Normally 1:00 pm is the wrong time to break out the camera and start creating. But if the sky is filled with those fluffy white or grey clouds I say grab the tripod and find something small to photograph like lichen. If you are lucky and the clouds have been drizzling bring something to cover the camera gear but enjoy the saturated colors of a wet rainy day. Check back Friday for more Lichen fun

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sand Stone mornings

I enjoy finding turbulent places in mother nature and creating images that are serene. The ocean is a perfect spot to do just that. Long exposures can calm the explosives power of waves that bombard the shore line. Try cutting out the vastness of the ocean by zooming in and not showing the skyline. Watch for they rhythm of the waves as you compose your images, the waves won't hit exactly the same every time but you can learn to read them enough to time your shutter release.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random splashes

Recently I found myself sitting on the California coast in San Diego. As the sun began to rise behind my shoulders I watched sets of waves crash energetically over rocks and create random works of art hung against the blue sky wall of morning. I couldn't resist the need to capture the skilled hand of mother nature at work. I hope you enjoy the random beauty of crashing waves. If you do or you don't either way get out there and experience it first hand.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunset Cliffs

If you spend long enough exploring a coastal city you can find some places that the masses stay away from. At Sunset Cliffs you can always find people walking, running and sitting on the top. But not everyone knows about the lower walk way that skirts the cliffs below the houses. Look north while down there and you can see the Ocean Beach Pier and all the way up to Mission and Pacific Beaches. But you better be careful during high tide because you will get wet and during storms you do face the potential to be swept away. Do yourself a favor don't just visit it during sunset get up early and check it out as the sun peaks over Point Loma and hits the water.